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This time I come here to You, dear reader, with some recommendations for Christmas gifts. I believe, all of You have at least a few friends, who loves reading. So do I (ask my husband about a thing, I spend the biggest amount of money for - he will go crazy). I really believe in books and I always have an answer to my man - individual should adorn its inside none the less than outside. 
Ok.  I would speak about this passion, as long as I could, but today I have another purpose - to share my latest and favorite findings. These aren't fiction. It's exactly for dressing up within. Many of us find, that it is easier to start something new from Monday or 1st January, so the books below, fits the idea perfectly.

Personally, I found this kind of books early this year. Started with no. 1  on the list, made a pause and came back on track with no. 2. I know all those paperbacks aren't newly printed, but it is very good reason to read - they all are still in stores or on amazon.com, what shows how valuable and useful these books are.
I don't want to make all "My life has changed, when I read this book" stuff, but it helped me to open my heart and to see things a little bit more different everyday.  

So, my folks - Christmas are coming incredibly fast and If you want to have a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, husband by your side (I mean, celebrations passes, and You need more kindness in everyday) - help them to turn into one  and visit nearest bookshop! Have a good time there!

All Yours, 

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