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Hey, dear readers!!!
The past few weeks were...  let's say, full of nice moments and meetings! In that case, I was more active on my INSTAGRAM wall, than the blog. So this post is a report from my wall, to those, who doesn't follow my wall yet. 

1. HER red lips mood on the way to work. It always takes me higher! And, for sure, selfies in the car with my princess!
2. HER the same day. Going out to eat dinner with friends! 
3. HER So make up on!
4. HER Finally has mine! I love the quality and shades fits my complexion perfectly!
5. HER Healthy snacks for my friends! So simple, veggie and yummy! And I love dates so much - I found it as the perfect replacement for my sweet tooth!
6. HER mmm. Selfie again??
7. HER Heavenly-taste pudding with dried apricots, which I made for my husband!
8. HER Nice meet with girl-friends in Hillerød! And a funny Elze in a company!
9. HER Oh, oh! We had so sunny Tuesday, that I decided to have some "book time", while baby were sleeping! I just finished Archetypes by Caroline Myss! Good-read! Maybe some "review post" later?
10. HER what a evening it was! Warm and cozy running tour(if sport could be something like this). I love the smell of the spring nights so much! 
11. HER yesterday we went to Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see those blossoms! Any word I need to say?
12. HER satisfied me!

Be sure to follow my wall here for future posts!

Lot's of love,

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