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Hey beauties! 
I believe that All women are nosy. Even just for a little bit, but still curious. Especially when talking about another female. So do I. When I first found blogs exist (I think It was in my early 15th), these kinds of posts were one of my favorites.
 Today I bought a new bag, which I was waiting for all this season. It seems like it was waiting for me - only one was left in the store,  just for 200 kr (27 euro) -  It is finally mine. 
On my way home, I thought it is a good matter to make some "What's in Your bag post" post. 

It's my new love from outside & inside at right below!

My daily handbag contains 

Small bottle of water 
A snack (an apple usually)
Eau de Toilette (Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline has been my love for  5 years)
Mp4 player (optional)
Hair pins (black ribbons)
Hand Mirror
Huggies wet wipes - must one!
My cell phone
Big variety of lip stuff. I always have some red ones and some balms, but the Carmex is the one I use everyday (Reds - Rimmel 1000 kissesManhattan, Essence liner; Balms - Mirame silk&shine, Mirame Berry Smoothie, Blistex BerryBlistex moistureCarmex)
Wallet (red) (I can't wait for my ASOS arrive) 
My Camera bag (black)
Notebook & Pen
Something to read - periodical or book.

Did You enjoyed this post? Let me know! 

Hope You all are having a good Friday! (It came so fast, isn't?). Tomorrow I'll have some to-does in Copenhagen, so I hope Sunday will be more time to share my new mustard powder D.I.Y Hair mask, which I tried this week! 

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5 komentarai (-ų)

  1. Love your bag and purse! My bag is always full of recipts haha. I love reading these kind of posts


  2. The red purse is really cute :) Love the bag too, very classy!