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Past few days were quite buried, but the blog has always been on my mind. I have so much in my head and really need to write all ideas down, as all are so messy and needs clearness. I want to write about that and that, but yesterday evening I was sitting and looking at my laptop with no words to say.. 

The weather has nothing to inspire for. It looks like I am chasing the spring, though the Sun runs away all the time (this morning was pleasant, promising us a few sunbeams at least and as I  took my dear friend for a walk down by the lakeside, we found nothing but a strong wind and stirring fingers). Now I am at home and the afternoon fits for sitting in with hot cacao and books by my side. Or, I guess, for a better - new blog post! 
What I did, What I see and more - below:

After 7 km morning walk, run into some spring flowers last Friday! What the lovely ones!!!

Was looking for an inspiration. Nice reads and new pot-rose!

I am not a plant lover. At all. The plants don't love me either. I adore bouquets or meadow flowers and like to receive it. But those succulents grabbed all my heart. I saw them everywhere during the past few months, dreaming about, but never found one to buy. So adorable and something between flower, plant and cactus. Fits in most of the interiors and stays in as an accent. And the best part - it doesn't require a lot of care. In one word - created for me.
I am dreaming about another one already...

I have already pimped my rooms with easter mood. Did You?

Today's post parcel made my day! Last week I purchased this wallet from Asos. I fell in love with the first touch.

And one more bargain for my spring look - this black hat. I had to choose between black and nude one. Usually, I prefer nude, but this time - black. In the spring? Why not.

I truly believe, that You, guys, have more sun! I'm missing it a lot. 

Lots of love,

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