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Hey, my dear readers! Hope You all are well!

The spring is the most cheerful season, isn't it? I feel so vivacious and want to make/ try many new things. Especially when the sun is shinning and the skies are getting more and more blue - how to stay at home? As I am living in a small village, I go outdoors quite rarely - usually take a car with a stroller in, and head to a city. Or ask my husband to give us a lift. Today was different - after daily morning routine, I put my baby princess to sleep and walked outdoors in high mood! I came home delighted and lively, put some of my spring-related songs on, and danced for a little with Elze. Lovely day.
Maybe it's all about blue sky, or a fresh air, I don't know - I felt so inspired to share some thoughts about staying in a good mood this season. 
This is how I treat myself, or how I wish I would:

Tip #1 - Refreshing morning routine
I start with a big amount of water everyday. I usually drink 1,5 l in the first two hours. I feel clean, fresh and ready to drink juice, coffee or take some meal in.
But before heading to the water tap... I open my freezer and take some ice cubes for my face. I take 2, and massage my face and neck zone for 1-3 minutes. Yup - it is COLD! But helps to wake up a lot, especially if You had a sleepless night with a crying baby (I am quite happy, It happens not so many times, but.. Knock a wood for a three times).

Tip #2 - Staying active & exercising

Golden rule I believe in - if You decide to exercise - be sure to make it joyful, unless You will quit in next few days. I count my walking as exercising too - I used to walk about 10 km almost everyday when pregnant. Now the baby is here for more than 8 months, and I found... small shopping is the best exercise for me. What I am saying, I need to have a point, to go outdoors -  to buy a milk, carrots, a lip gloss, a blouse, etc... It may sound weird, but I am still walking when shopping, yeah? All in all, whatever You choose, being outdoors puts everyone's mood higher.
I am planning to start running, but before that, I need to do that and that (ha ha ha): buy a calorie counter, sneakers and the outfit set. 
(Today I  bought a Jump Rope accidentally. It counts jumps and calories burned. Didn't try yet.)

Tip #3 - Bring some flowers in!
Flowers are like a synonym of spring. If You have a  boyfriend or husband, who doesn't bring it to you weekly, buy a bouquet by yourself. It always works in a few ways:  refresh an interior, improves our mood and stays as a visual reminder for your hubby.
Today I found these fragranced candles in a local store. I'm in love with candles, especially the quoted ones. 

Tip #4 - Clean Your space!

Wardrobe, kitchen, workspace, etc., - whatever it is - go and do it.
 If you don't know where to start at - try to get the windows cleaned - it seems everything brighten, when I have mine done! Sometimes I make a list and it helps me to stay more organized. Remember things You wash rarely. Clear up! 

Tip #5 - Refresh Your Wardrobe!

Any words needed? We, women, always want "something new" most of the time. Let's buy one piece... at least! I'm waiting for a new wallet arriving within this week!!! Can' wait - mine is totally worn out!!!

Tip #6 - Listen to a "sunny" music!

My playlist always depends on the season. Classical music is number one in a spring time. Another choice would be the old-fashioned jazz! What's Your spring choice?

Tip #7 - Make a wish-list for the summer!

...or review Your New Year's resolution - I am sure something has left undone. Making wish-list can brighten rainy days, which are quite common this season. Try once! It shouldn't be real, but... Our wishes are supposed to happen, if we do really want it!

Tip #8 - Enjoy the small moments You are living through!

Do what makes You happy! Even for a five minutes a day - it is worth it and I can't name any reason, why You shouldn't. Today's pleasure was a cup of coffee, while baby was sleeping.. and with some special sprinkles on the top and the ELLE read by the side.

What sets up Your mood up in spring? Share Yours in comments :) Can't wait to know!


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  1. Lovely tips :) I also like to refresh my wardrobe, tidy-up a bit, and another thing for spring - I change my shower gel from fragrances like ginger, caramel, honey (that I use most in the winter) to citrusy ones, that makes me feel more energetic and start my day feeling completely awake!

  2. I love starting the day with a fresh juice!


  3. awesome tips Bite! Thanks for these :) definitely trying them tomorrow ♥