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Hey, lovely readers!

Today was such a sunny day, that it was, literally, impossible to stay at home - I took Elze and went together  to Hillerød city, where was an Art Days! We had a long art-filled stroll before a dinner and came home in a superior mood! While my princess was dreaming at the yard, I took my camera and made so stuff, I am sharing here! So, I hope You all forgive me for a late-time.
This Sunday's beauty recipe - homemade hair-growing mask! Hope You liked last one and will try this one too!  It contains 5 easy-to-get ingredients. Egg yolk (which (most of us) could easily find at home) strengthens, moisturizes hair and gets a silky, soft feeling. While mustard helps to make hair growing extremely fast. We will see. I am not sure about the sugar (it should strengthen the power of the mustard), and the oil mix I used like a last time

  • tbs Oil Mix (up to You)**
  • 2 tbs Sugar
  • 2 tbs Mustard Powder
  • 2 tbs Hot Water (make sure not to hot to burn yourself)
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • Polyethylene film (for wrapping)
  • Warm hat or towel (I always use my big faux-fur hat)
  • 10 minutes to mix and add & at least 15 minutes (or more) to stay in.
*Be sure that You haven't allergy to any ingredients. Don't use it, if Your skin is sensitive, especially if You have a disease or sores on the scalp. Avoid getting mustard in Your eyes - it is very strong and irritating ingredient! I assume responsibility for this ingredient, as I don't know what kind of powder you have.
** I made two bowls  - one for a mustard mix (3tbs) and one for my hair ends (6 tbs - depends of Your hair length and thickness)


  • Melt mustard powder in a hot water
  • Add an oil mix, yolk and sugar in
  • Add the mask to the roots and massage, while keeping your head down (to stimulate growing)
  • Put additional oil mix to hair ends
  • Wrap Your hat in a film
  • Put the warm towel or hat on
  • Relax and sit down for a 15 minutes (at least*)
    *You may feel a burning, but it's ok.You can sit for an hour, if feel able to manage the burning. I sat for an hour and my hair is still on! (Ha ha)
  • Wash Your hair with shampoo (I put conditioner too)
  • Let it dry... and wait for a result!*
* You might make the mask once a week and for 8 weeks. It's too intense for more, so please, take a break. Growing depends on one's health, diet, stress, etc.

  • Would I make it next time? Sure! I could manage the burn easily and I love how the yolk affects my hair silkiness! 10 points! 
What did you do today? Was it a good end of the week? Maybe You also had some "beauty day"? Share Your thoughts in comment field below! 

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  1. beautiful and fun website loving your hair mask recipe! Thanks for visiting top kitchen cosmetic

  2. You have good recipes on Your blog! :) Thank You

  3. this is Amazing, I'm all for natural treatment!

  4. That mask sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing Miss!

  5. Sounds amazing!! I want to try it!!!
    your blog is very interesting!
    have a great day!!
    kisses from Spain!
    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => http://sano-sanisimo.blogspot.com.es/

  6. Ooh I just came across a DIY for a body scrub now this! Winning!


  7. Your blog is so lovely! Great DIY's!

    I have the same template as you, but cannot change 'the about the author' page, can you please help me?
    Xxx, Fay

  8. Hey,, Fay! Thank You for stopping by!! Please write me an email to pavasaris.vita@gmail.com and we could help each other:)