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With this post I start a weekly series project "Inner". I want to add a new tone to my blog and I invite all readers to mirror diet*.

I was talking to my man last night about how does he feel aging. Because I do (even then I am only 25). It is new and diverse thing in my universe of feelings. I caught myself a few days ago - was contemplating surroundings, as I usually do, and understood that I am much older than those young folks I was starring at. It's absolutely normal and nothing worth to talk about, you can say. But it is! That moment I felt how happy I am about my aging! And how sad it is, that many of us - don't. I mean, we all think we don't change a lot - inside or out. We don't even think about it, but if we look back at our picture two years ago, we can easily notice, that time leaves some marks on. 
In my opinion, time brings  more beauty to us! 

Since I was a little girl, I've always admired elegant gray-haired ladies. Even it is some kind of cliche. And I wanted to be one of them. I didn't ever wanted to be like a barbie model, but exactly the graceful intelligent old lady. Why? Because it was something special in their eyes - self-confidence, love for a living, something You should be old enough to have. 

I believe, that shining in eyes doesn't appear, if You do nothing, except watching a mirror and let it to define You. I don't understand this cult of youth, which translate to us "forever young and beautiful skin". Translating it into every single day and in every step we take or magazine we open. So wrong if we accept this view without understanding what we truly are. 

Your body is only a house. A temple to your soul. I don't say, that You shouldn't take a lot of care of it. But, please, not too much. Good food, exercising, fresh air. That's enough. We must dress, firstly, inside - with travels, books, inspiring people, movies, quality talks with friends, creativity and learning. We must dress with love and tolerance. Then we will have less time  to stand in front of a mirror or on the scale, letting it to say if we have a good or a bad day. We will have less time in front of ourselves searching for a new wrinkle. *And there are only two diets, worth Your time - mirror diet and anger diet. Less of both are good for every single human-being.


I say big "no" to a cult of beautiful ageless facades. We ourselves need to grow - not by chasing the days we were young, but by letting by every moment and period we were in. By taking the most precious moments and biggest lessons along to our future way. Experience makes us beautiful.


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       Hey, dear readers! So calm and gloomy day today here, in Denmark. A perfect day for a motivational blog post, where I will share my most inspirational TED talks, I have heard lately (I hope everyone knows TED, but whose, who don't, check the link up).

An idea about this kind of post was haunting me for a long time. Personally, I found this incredible site few years ago, but it was a big hit for me after I gave a birth to my angel and was sitting alone at home. I didn't have much time for reading a book, so watching something expanding one's mind was a perfect leisurely form in these days. As I can't live without learning (in the broad sense), I highly recommend one TED a day. It became an addiction - but a very good one!...And a feeling you want to share every seen TED with your best friends, family and blog readers. 

      If You don't know, where to start - (because, oh, dear! You can find about anything you wish) -  my choices are here. Last week I shared some books, so the talks are a bit familiar - for self building and becoming conscious. Hope You'll enjoy. And.....

                    .....one TED a day keeps the gloom away. 

1. Polly Young - Getting free of Self - Importance Is the Key To Happiness

2. Caroline McHugh - The Art of Being Yourself

3. Elizabeth Gilbert - Your Elusive Creative Genius

4. Patti Dobrowolski - Draw Your Future

5. Eva DeVirgilis - In My Chair - A Make Up artist perspective on beauty

Let's stay with 5 of talk today. Please, dear readers, share Your favourites and if You wish more this kind of posts, write a comment in field below.

It was pleasure

Hey folks, 

 Despite the fact, we all were informed about snow possibility here, in Copenhagen, I am still amazed by the amount! Beautiful snowflakes were falling down all night around - and here we are - snow snow snow all around. As I cannot move further than my yard, I lay on my sofa and scrolling down beautiful pics on Pinterest. And today I am sharing my winter essentials in wardrobe and home. :)
Things I cannot live without at least 3 months a year:

                                                               Snowy Wishes to You,

This time I come here to You, dear reader, with some recommendations for Christmas gifts. I believe, all of You have at least a few friends, who loves reading. So do I (ask my husband about a thing, I spend the biggest amount of money for - he will go crazy). I really believe in books and I always have an answer to my man - individual should adorn its inside none the less than outside. 
Ok.  I would speak about this passion, as long as I could, but today I have another purpose - to share my latest and favorite findings. These aren't fiction. It's exactly for dressing up within. Many of us find, that it is easier to start something new from Monday or 1st January, so the books below, fits the idea perfectly.

Personally, I found this kind of books early this year. Started with no. 1  on the list, made a pause and came back on track with no. 2. I know all those paperbacks aren't newly printed, but it is very good reason to read - they all are still in stores or on amazon.com, what shows how valuable and useful these books are.
I don't want to make all "My life has changed, when I read this book" stuff, but it helped me to open my heart and to see things a little bit more different everyday.  

So, my folks - Christmas are coming incredibly fast and If you want to have a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, husband by your side (I mean, celebrations passes, and You need more kindness in everyday) - help them to turn into one  and visit nearest bookshop! Have a good time there!

All Yours, 


I am here again. With more surprises and a new way of this blog. Hope You gonna enjoy.
Let's re-start our friendship with a bit of instanews.

Moments - soon more of the most importants within past months!

Some selfies ,natural and make up. 

Make ups I made in school!!!

Don't forget to follow my INSTA. Much more on blog - SOON. Promise.

Lots of Love,

Good Day, sweet readers!

A few days ago posted  small amount from my instagram, where You may have noticed some blossoms! It was so charming trip that I couldn't share it with You!!! 

Actually, it was my friend, who told me about it and sent some pictures. We went to Bispebjerg Kirkegård in Copenhagen and had some special time while walking down the blossom path in the middle of the week. It's quite ridiculous, but our journey would have come to the end in a different way - we went in and all we saw was just a few flowering trees. "How sad it came to the end so soon" - I told to Tomas! Luckily, we met a nice lady, who was telling one couple about the old cherry trees. We followed them and found the - havenowordstodescribe - alley! 

   Fortunately, we found the Alley, but still, the idea of a transience of our days caught me so much! What if we really would have been late? (You can say (as Tomas told) man can come here next year) Maybe You will never have a chance! As You will never have a chance to do/ see many things, You should have been doing/ seeing! 
I always realize, that everything is temporary, but time by time, You get a note from the life saying to stop by!  Now I live in a "mommy mode" so the note I got 9 months ago was a little girl! The first skin to skin contact or seeing baby growing and getting smarter so fast! At that moment You understand "it will never come back" makes You wanna hold the princess for a little bit longer!

In the end, I always remember one of my credo, which, I believe, fits all my writing above

Share Your thoughts in the comments - I always appreciate!

Lots Of Love, 

Hey, dear readers!!!
The past few weeks were...  let's say, full of nice moments and meetings! In that case, I was more active on my INSTAGRAM wall, than the blog. So this post is a report from my wall, to those, who doesn't follow my wall yet. 

1. HER red lips mood on the way to work. It always takes me higher! And, for sure, selfies in the car with my princess!
2. HER the same day. Going out to eat dinner with friends! 
3. HER So make up on!
4. HER Finally has mine! I love the quality and shades fits my complexion perfectly!
5. HER Healthy snacks for my friends! So simple, veggie and yummy! And I love dates so much - I found it as the perfect replacement for my sweet tooth!
6. HER mmm. Selfie again??
7. HER Heavenly-taste pudding with dried apricots, which I made for my husband!
8. HER Nice meet with girl-friends in Hillerød! And a funny Elze in a company!
9. HER Oh, oh! We had so sunny Tuesday, that I decided to have some "book time", while baby were sleeping! I just finished Archetypes by Caroline Myss! Good-read! Maybe some "review post" later?
10. HER what a evening it was! Warm and cozy running tour(if sport could be something like this). I love the smell of the spring nights so much! 
11. HER yesterday we went to Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see those blossoms! Any word I need to say?
12. HER satisfied me!

Be sure to follow my wall here for future posts!

Lot's of love,

Hey hey! What's new? 
Today I am enjoying the sun, which brings  some warmth (finally) and call all of us to step out the doors!

I am sharing simple Friday's outfit, which, in my opinion, would look great in an outdoor cafe, enjoying a glass of tasteful wine! Add some red lipstick and a good company (either a book)! Good Friday Guaranteed!

Hope You all having a good time this Friday and big sunny plans for a weekend!

Lots of Love,

Thank You, Emma Marie for nominating me for the Liebster award!!! I really appreciate that! All should read Her blog, because the great reviews She does! The award is for new bloggers and it is a great way to help newbies to discover other similar blogs and bloggers with a similar interest!

The rules for this tag are:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the nominators 11 questions.
3. Nominate 11 of your favorite blogs. You should believe that they deserve this award and include their link in your post.
4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer. Notify these nominees via social media/blog.

If you could have just 2 beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
I would, definitely, choose the Clinique High Impact Mascara and the  organic coconut oil! First one for my lashes to look stunning, second for my skin and hair to stay moisturized!

What are you doing when you are not blogging?
Oh!  A lot of things, but most of the time - hanging' with my baby! We go out for long walks, meet friends, go shopping. I love to read and that's another thing I do, then my princess sleeps! If talking about the internet space - I am reading other's inspiring blogs!

What do you love and hate the most about the city you live in?
I live in a very, very small city, so it's the reason I hate it! But, still, it's just 25 km away from Copenhagen and I love that small distance a lot!

What kind of beauty product do you own the most of and roughly how many do you own?
I own around 2-3 mascaras and 3-4 cream-powders.

If you had to pick a favorite hobby that had nothing to do with technology, what would it be?
What is your favorite TV series?
How I met Your Mother, Gossip Girl and Friends!

What makes you laugh the most? 
The first mind, which came to my head was my baby doing mops and mows! 

Do you see yourself living in the same city 10 years from now?
Big NO. Unless it is Paris.
What is currently your favorite fragrance? 
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline - 6 years with me!

Which fashion store do you believe is genuinely over priced? 
I am not a big fan of fashion stores, I usually prefer second hand boutiques with a smell of vintage and flea markets, which is my all summers hit! Fashion stores, having "big" brands, which are using cheap labor power, are really overpriced! But, this is how the things going..

Which season is your favorite?
 SPRING (May!)

I would like to nominate:

And my Questions are:
1. Why You started blogging?
2. What are You really good at?
3. Where do You see yourself in 15 years?
4. What do You value most in Your life?
5. How does Your normal morning look like?
6. What is Your favorite late night snack?
7. What is Your best beauty trick?
8. What is something people would be surprised to know about You?
9. How much time Your spend on blogging?
10. What is Your favorite tip to get relaxed?
11. What is Your dream-country You would live in forever?

I would really, really like to know more about each of You! And I would read all answers with love,  so let me know in the comments, after You made it!!!

Lots of love!

Hey, Dear Readers!
Today I am here to share a list of the things, we all should try doing alone. 
Yep, some of You are always surrounded by companions, but I am quite an opposite person, who feels much better doing things solo. 
But still, if there is nobody to join Your company today, or You just feel comfortable being with yourself only... Try these:

1. Shopping!!! This is what I usually (99,9 %) do solo, whatever I am looking for - clothes or groceries. Having someone together make me feel rushed. I just enjoy walking slowly down the shops, having my time and dealing with the inner voice. I take a pleasure of the freedom to go at my pace, sit for a cup of coffee and watch passers-by, and go on later. It's some kind of a ritual I feel gloomy if interrupted. 

2. Exercising Mind - Challenge Yourself!  When get bored of magazines and other easy reads, take some crosswords or sudoku! And make it finished! It makes me a little addictive for a few days. But when addiction is good, why not to gain some knowledge? Need some challenges? Try the puzzle or Rubik's cube. 

3. Make Your Own Wishlist Board / book! If there some old magazines to decay (we know, no one will read it), before getting rid of them - cut out the things You like or wish for. Tripple benefit - good for the home (I believe, that storing too many things obstructs new energy floating), and for You - wishes are made to become true (earlier or later). The third - you will have all those lovely things in one place and easier to find when needed (we all know the feeling, when trying to find objects in a pile of the paper). 

4. Venture Out In Your Kitchen! 1. Find a challenging recipe. 2. Shop for it. 3. Make it happen to pie-in-the-sky! Perfect, flawless, nothing to add more. 4. Take a picture. 5. Instagram it. 6. Eat it! Alone!

5. Finish the Things You Started or were putting off. Buy a bulb, end up the book, finish a portfolio. We all have something. Just DO IT! And be sure to treat Yourself right after!

6. Perfect Selfies Time! We all love it - clothe Yourself beautiful/ crazy or whatever on Your mood. Think over the details - accessories, hair and a background are important too (make a mini studio). And take as many pictures, as You wish, to get one right! (Be sure You locked Your door. Ha ha.)

7. Stories of Passers-by. It's one of my favorites. Grab a big cup of coffee and sit for a while, watching amusing, entertaining and wistful at times - "The Great Human-Being Theatre". Make stories or just contemplate. Whatever You choose, it's one of the best tip to get inspired!

8. Invite Yourself For a Dinner... without a smartphone. Pick a fancy dish and go down with a luscious meal. Just You and the meal - enjoy all the bits as it tastes slowly. Feel no guilt - You deserve it. (And leave Your phone at home or in a pocket at least).

9. Trip to a free music event! Find the one closest or furthest to You. Maybe the band, You never have heard about. And listen listen listen with a glass of wine along the way. 

10. Binge on the Series. Rewatch the one You seen or start with a new one. It is balanced for a rainy day. Be sure to have some popcorns by your side and go through the all season in one day. Please, don't even take Your remote in the next day - it's gonna be harder and harder to stop, but the things happening in the world outside are waiting for You!

Have more solo-day tips?
Alone or no, have a best weekend ever! 

Lots of love,

Hey, lovely readers!
 Hope preparation for a weekend is going well! Mine? Quite O.K., have no particular plans yet. I am trying to be more thrifty, so making my wishlist for a spring on Polyvore - not in the mall (where I have been in for a too much lately).
I wish for a few "bigger" items this season (one of them is a new smartphone), so I must be more careful about a money and what I really need for my spring look. "A check" is on a hat, a skirt(s) and sunglasses, but still need some details to complete. 
Today I am sharing one of the look, I would choose  nowadays - some floral pattern, but still clinging on black (ha ha).

Any advices on how You make the money to stay in the pocket? Share it below! Thank You!

Lots of Love,